Happy Halloween!

Self-promo piece for Halloween...

Here is a detail shot...

Mr Coopers House and Garden.

I was recently commissioned by the the brilliant Ahoy to create a series of large scale images for a restaurant called 'Mr Coopers House and Garden' opening in the beautiful Midland Hotel in Manchester.
The whole concept behind the restaurant is brilliant, ran by the amazing chef Simon Rogan.

"Mr Cooper’s House & Garden combines modern touches with the history and heritage of Mr Cooper himself, whose house and famous gardens sat on the site back in 1819.
Thomas Cooper was a popular figure in Manchester. The family were coach-makers by trade and their garden on the site of The Midland was famous for its strawberries, gooseberries, apples and flowers. On special days of the year, The Coopers would welcome the public in to stroll the gardens and picnic there.
Cooper Street, the short street across St Peter's Square on the other side of Princess Street, used to extend as far back as The Midland and was named after the family.
A multitude of different dining settings under one roof, Mr Cooper’s offers a unique setting for everyone. Lounge in the garden amongst the cascading wall of plants and 30ft tree, enjoy drinks in the Library or cosy up next to friends in the leather booths of the study."

Here are the images!

It was an amazing project to work on, and having been to the opening event just last night I can say that its a truly unique place with fantastic food and cocktails! 

My images have been beautifully presented and its almost like I have a permanent exhibition in the restaurant, here are a few pics from the opening night...

New Print Folio.

Here are some pics of my brand new Print Folio, made by my fair hands...

Old Work.

Just going through some old work and found this that I shot when I was at University. Still love it now, highly influenced by the awesome Guy Bourdin.

Cash Money.

More experiments for stock...

Think Green.

Made this for a stock site recently, I really like it... No CGI.

Man in the Woods.

Another just finished, to go with the 'Penny Farthing' image.

Here are a couple of details.

Penny Farthing.

Just finished this, a Victorian gent riding his Penny Farthing over a fantastical spring Landscape.


Here are a couple of details...

Paper Paper Paper.

So this week I have been making pictures out of paper and animating them. Part Photography as the paper all needed to be digitally captured, and part illustration.

Here are the still images followed by their animated counterparts! I really enjoyed getting crafty with paper!

At Sea!

Paper Mountain.

Sunrise Over Hills.



Went exploring the other day, its was actually sunny...

I also stumbled across these 'Portals'...


The Universe Versus Alex Woods (paperback)

Recent commission to create the paper back artwork for 'The Universe Versus Alex Woods'... Based on my design for the Hard Back but with some changes. Lots of fun to make!

Front Cover.

Back Cover.

6th Annual Photography Masters Cup.

Recently found out that I had my Rhino image shortlisted for the 6th Annual Photography Masters Cup. A pleasure to be up there with some of the best in the business!



Still to moving...

I made this image a while back as a fun play on the 'Nissan Leaf' car. At the moment I am experimenting more and more with moving image... I love that the way I produce images means that I can animate them, could have some great commercial applications!

Still image.

Animated Version.

Which? Russian Dolls.

I was recently commissioned by the wonderful Which? Magazine To create one of my Photographic Illustrations for an article on 'Who Owns Who?' in banking. The brief was to create a series of Russian dolls, with the appearance of Financial workers, all to be holding cards...

This is my original shot to use as a base for the image...

And this is the final image, as it appears in the Magazine...

New Folio

Just finished putting together my new iPad folio and it looks great! The retina screen really makes the images POP off the screen... the app is called FolioBook and its really good, fully customizable with both image and video...

Here is what it looks like...

PDN 30 2013

I was recently nominated for PDN's 30 new and emerging Photographers to watch 2013, the finals selections haven't been made yet but its pretty awesome! Fingers crossed and a big thank-you to whomever nominated me!


Founds this awesome looking tree whilst roaming the woods yesterday...


I also shot some abstract seascapes, love the movement and tones in them...

Dark Skies.

I went to Cape Verde just before Christmas, lovely place. I shot this starry seascape...

I also shot this of the Milky-Way... You can just see the Andromeda Galaxy in the top left and Betelgeuse shining brightly to the right.