Making of...

Had a really great response to the 'Animal Portrait' series, with a lot of people asking how they were made..
Well here are 4 different shots that went into making the Horned-Cow image, they were then comped together, colour corrected and colour graded, along with some magic ;-)

And Now for Something Completely Different.

The Giraffe image here started as a test shot for something more complex that I want to shoot, but I love it and decided to turn it into a little series of animal portraits...


Ankole (Horned Cow)




Photography Masters Cup.

Just found out I have had 2 images nominated for the 5th annual Photography Masters Cup! Pretty rad!

These are the nominated entries...


I'v been wanting to do this for ages, bit of a test really... Just a tiny bit of contrast in Photoshop too...


Think this is just about finished, its to go with the Lemonade shot, think they look pretty sweet as a pair!

Anatomy of an Owl.

These are the tiny watch cogs, leaves and twigs that make up the entire image (apart from the stars).

Limited Edition prints of the Owl pic can be purchased HERE :-)

Royal Mail.

This took a while!
Yup, its all made up from items of clothing.

Framed Work On Offer!

After a spell in a gallery these prints are looking for a new home at a discounted price... fancy a bargain? Get in touch!

Print is roughly A3, signed and numbered. £60 + P&P

Print is roughly A3, signed and numbered. £60 + P&P

Print is roughly A3, signed and numbered. £60 + P&P

Print is 30inches x 15inches, unsigned. £75 + P&P

Print is 30inches x 15inches, unsigned. £75 + P&P


Had my work featured on a few blogs recently including these beauts!

Feature Shoot.

Beautiful Decay.



Been busy in the studio shooting and editing this bad boy!

Nissan Leaf

Came up with these last week, Nissan Leaf, get me?

Lighting Test.....

Did a quick lighting test yesterday as I had an Idea for a cool Still-life shot. Its pretty rough but I'm liking the look of this so I think the final image will look pretty cool!

Limited Edition Prints!

You can now buy prints of my work, all limited, on beautiful paper! Just click the pic below...

Love me nots.

Been working on these for the last couple of weeks, my interpretation of love me nots. (like when you were a kid and you pulled the petals off of flowers, remember? No? Just me then.)
Not sure they will make it to the website but they would make lovely prints ;-)

Safari Park.

Went to West Midlands Safari Park a few weeks ago, its awesome. Got some pics of animals looking silly.

Shot Up North Awards.

I Recently found out that my 'Bubo the Owl' image has been chosen to be in the Final 50 of the SUN AWARDS. It will feature in their shiny new book when it comes out, who knows it might even win, buts its in there with a lot of top work!


Everyone likes a smoothie...can you guess the flavours?

Behind the scenes...

Here is a short video showing a bit of an insight into how my images are constructed!
Would have been cool if I had kept all the cogs as separate layers but that probably would have killed me.

E-Book Readers!

Here is a recent commission for WHICH? Magazine, the brief was to photograph the 3 e-book readers and then create covers for each one out of different bank notes... Love how it turned out!

Mild green, Fairy liquid!

Recent pic experimenting with making a flower out of a bottle.... The stem is actually fairy liquid, all shot seperatly and comped together :-)

Camera Obscura.

A month or so ago I entered a Camera Obscura competition... Camera Obscura is an American Photography and Literature Journal.
Anyway, turns out they wanted to use my 'Clockwork Owl' image on the cover which is pretty darn ace.

Carnivorous plants.

I've always thought Carnivorous plants were cool.
Some of the ones that exist are really beautiful, but, here is my tongue-in-cheek interpretation! Enjoy.


Been working on some new pictures, made from tiny watch parts!

Bubo the Owl.

Bird of Prey!

And here is the owl with animated eyes... HYPNO-OWL!

Hobbit Girlfriend.

Went out exploring today with my lovely girlfriend Jenny (who makes amazing cupcakes btw)
Think she turned into a Hobbit.

Time Out London.

This came out today (Valentines Day). Made for the good people at Time Out London. I am really happy with it, hope it goes down well!

My image...

and the actual cover... BOOM.

More Which?

Here is the Mag in situ...

This is the shot that I wanted them to use on the cover but it ended up being the one at an angle... I like this one more.

The Big Issue.

I did a quick job for the Big Issue last week, there was 24 hour turnaround on the whole thing but I'm really pleased with how it looks. It is alongside an article about 'Happiness'. Everyone should go and buy it, its such a good cause!

And here it is in situ

Which? Magazine.

I have been lucky enough to do some work for Which? magazine recently, they are super good people... They wanted an image to go with an article on 'Brands Reconstructed' (brands that own other brands you might not expect.... Anyway they liked the image I produced so much they asked me to do the cover image for the same issue, stoked!

This is the feature image.

And this is the Cover image :-)

My Website

Isn't working properly, its taking far too long to load if at all...

I have contacted the hosts and apparently its a problem there end that is being fixed asap. :-)


Been working on some motion things, just throwing ideas around really and learning how to use programs... What do you think? Its made from images of various jewels :-)

Lunar Life!

Not really, here is a pic I made but don't think I really like it, shit as it took bloody ages!