Paper Paper Paper.

So this week I have been making pictures out of paper and animating them. Part Photography as the paper all needed to be digitally captured, and part illustration.

Here are the still images followed by their animated counterparts! I really enjoyed getting crafty with paper!

At Sea!

Paper Mountain.

Sunrise Over Hills.



Went exploring the other day, its was actually sunny...

I also stumbled across these 'Portals'...


The Universe Versus Alex Woods (paperback)

Recent commission to create the paper back artwork for 'The Universe Versus Alex Woods'... Based on my design for the Hard Back but with some changes. Lots of fun to make!

Front Cover.

Back Cover.

6th Annual Photography Masters Cup.

Recently found out that I had my Rhino image shortlisted for the 6th Annual Photography Masters Cup. A pleasure to be up there with some of the best in the business!