Rolls Royce.

Recently I was commissioned by You Agency to create a series of ads for Rolls Royce Trent 1000.
They had a really awesome idea for the first ad which involved a cheeky camel....  

Here are a couple of BTS pics from Josephs Amazing Camels where we found the perfect camel and the shoot took place.

Finished Ad. (Desert was also shot by me on location in Cape Verde).

The team prepping the camels.

Not into being groomed today at all!

And here is the Camel Wrangler himself, Joseph.

Big Dog.

I was recently approached by Big Dog Agency,  to create a series of images to launch their new identity and for use in their promotional material. (Big Dog Agency recently formed from a merger of the agencies Big Communications and Balloon Dog)

The brief was to create fun quirky images, each one giving the impression that a 'big dog' was just out of shot or had just left the scene. We went through quite a few concepts but ended up shooting these 4 as they fit the message best and had a nice element of humour! This was a super fun project to be involved with...