Polaroid SX-70

Just found this polaroid collage I did about 10 years ago, inspired by the Wizard of Oz.

It was made using old Polaroid SX-70 film, you could push and swirl the emulsion around in the polaroid before it set giving a really cool painterly effect. This was always super fun to do but also quite difficult...
You had to take a shot, let it develop and then get it in the freezer ASAP so the emulsion wouldn't set. When I was ready to start manipulating (using little wooden tools) I'd take one out of the freezer at a time, and use a hairdryer to warm it up so the emulsion could be pushed, pulled and smudged around. No Photoshop here! This one was especially tricky as I was attempting to make a collage of the same subject. Need to get the SX-70 out of retirement and get some film!