Gourmet Burger Kitchen - Changing Lives

You Agency commissioned me a couple of weeks ago to create an image for an upcoming Gourmet Burger Kitchen campaign. Creating a still life 'burger' of of quinoa, to be part of a series of Ad in and around the London Underground.

This was really fun to shoot. The campaign has gone on to ruffle quite a few feathers!

Natwest Private Account

I was recently commissioned by Ad agency Lida to create an image as part of Natwest/ RBS private account campaign.

The brief was to have a hallway with an open front door, leading onto a stunning beach jetty (the image of which had already been sourced).

The the help of a great team we matched the lighting and tried out various different prop variations.
This was then all comped together in post by myself.

I even managed to sneak one of my Orangutan images into the scene ;-)

Here's the finished Ad.
Spotted in situ in The Times. 


2015 was a great year, I got to work with some fantastic clients and commissioners. Creating work that I'm really proud of. Heres to 2016!